Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What To Expect From Our Service

This post will hopefully tell you and present pictures of the service that we provide. I believe this should be useful to all new customers who are not sure to take the risk of paying a small/large amount. All fears and expectations should be confirmed after reading this post. I will demonstrate what will be offered within the seedbox and what speeds to expect in each server. I hope to emphasise in the end, that not only do I provide cheap servers, but the most efficient servers you will find.


Vnc Desktop

This is what you should see once you login to vnc. The top tray panel (navigation bar) and wastebasket could not be fully printscreened. Anyway, as you can see this is a a similar windows like desktop installed. You have your home and recycle bin pinned to desktop. Below is the menu so it is much easier to access than using a linux fluxbox. This desktop is much lighter than KDE Gnome, so it rarely crashes. The icons on the desktop include xTerminal and also firefox. For people who need to login to trackers on the seedbox, I can confirm you will have it installed there. You can personalise the desktop however you wish.


You will be given ftp details for you to transfer your files from server to your home computer vice versa. Or even from a server to another server. Speeds will depend on your home connection line. All you would have to do on your part, is install a free FTP client software. In this case you have FileZilla, on your right are the server files. On the left is your home files. You simply drag and drop files to proceed the transfer.


Shared Server

Dedicated Server

Giga Server
To sum the speeds up, all servers will be hitting 10-11MB/s in download. For upload, shared servers may from time to time hit 10MB/s. As for dedicated server, it can hold and maintain 10-11MB/s. The screenshots may not show the speeds in realtime, but you should look at the ratio to see the overall expectation you should get for purchasing one.


If you find that your interested after reading this or you would like more info, you can email me on my site here through the contact me link. You can also follow me on twitter too for the latest updates/announcements. You can also find me on many popular forums site such as TI where I was an admin there. Feel free to post comments below. Reviews will be appreciated. Thank you.